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1934 Flying Vixen

1934 Flying Vixen

This top of the range model is again fitted with a Rudge Python engine. However the power unit is a high performance Ulster version with a bronze cylinder head. The valve gear is of the ‘semi radial’ layout, where the two exhaust valves are widely spaced and operated by a complex arrangement of levers.

The startling blue colour scheme and valanced front mudguard make for a very attractive machine which, as with the 1933 models, is fitted with a Bowden carburettor.

A four speed gearbox is fitted, manufactured by Albion of Birmingham, using a foot-change mechanism.

Rudge Whitworth were in financial difficulties by 1934 and were no longer able to offer their Python engines to other motorcycle manufacturers. This machine is one of the last AJWs to use the Rudge power unit – after which John Wheaton turned to J A Prestwich in north London, for his engine supply.

At the end of 1933, AJW’s main retail agent, Glanfield Lawrence, went into liquidation, almost bankrupting the Exeter firm. John Wheaton found an alternative agent in the well-known motorcycle dealer Pride and Clarke based in Stockwell, south London. The magnificent speedometer on this machine was one of the many aftermarket accessories supplied by Pride and Clarke.