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1952 Fox Cub prototype

1952 Fox Cub prototype

This 1952 prototype was the new AJW company’s effort to make a popular lightweight machine. It features a 3in diameter single tube backbone frame, a telescopic front fork and cantilever rear suspension controlled by a spring unit under the deeply valanced rear mudguard.

The 125cc unit construction two-stroke engine canted forward, is a BSA Bantam lookalike, manufactured by J A Prestwich.

The petrol tank – a cut down version of the type John Wheaton used pre-WWII – retains the distinctive rain gutter.

Engine supply difficulties meant that Jack Ball, AJW’s new owner, was not able to put this innovative machine into production. Ball did however build a batch of machines he called the Grey Fox. These were powered by another JAP engine – a side-valve vertical twin designed for industrial use.

Roy Wheaton was offered the Fox Club prototype in a dismantled condition by a collector who had in his turn bought it from Jack Ball in the 1960s.